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OBD bluetooth diagnostic kit for FANTIC CABALLERO motorcycles

Applicable to:
Fantic Caballero 500 Euro4, Euro5

How does it work
The diagnostic kit includes an adapter cable that carries the signals from the
vehicle’s communication port to the Bluetooth OBD plug. The latter communicates
with a diagnostic app installed on the Android smartphone. We recommend the use
of the Torque Pro App (registered trademark). The system allows you to diagnose
your motorcycle, identify errors and delete them. If the error occurs again, it is
advisable to contact a workshop. The bluetooth chip by Sinergie is suitable for the
FANTIC control units. In the case of an Iphone phone, we have another WIFI chip

Everything at your fingertips
The extension cable with switch for the Android bluetooth kit of about 40cm is
available to turn the kit on and off. Remember that although the chip consumes very
little, if left on for days it could drain the motorcycle battery

Advanced digital display
Through the Torque Pro App it is possible to transform your Android smartphone
into a new digital display with data that are not normally visible (engine block
temperature, fuel flow in real time, acceleration, intake air flow temperature and
much more). For IPhone, we recommend the OBD Fusion App (registered trademark) with practically
identical functions

Example of use of the Synergies Kit with the Torque Pro App