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XECU Tuning Device Motorcycle ECU Mapping

The USER device for motorcycle mapping by Desmolupo is now available.

XECU tuning user device is a handheld system equipped with a TFT interface with graphic menu that allows you to make DTC DIAGNOSTICS of the bike, to map the bike by yourself (up to 4 maps in memory) infinite times with the maps present in the device itself.

The USER device is connected with an appropriate cable to the diagnostic socket and is powered by the motorcycle battery.

It is possible to save the original map and restore it whenever needed. If you change bikes, the device can be updated to the new model of motorcycle (if available in our maps archive)

The maps are developed and fine-tuned on the test-bench using a motorcycle identical to yours.

You can decide to load improved maps for the original exhaust into the device, or maps for the racing exhaust to obtain greater torque and engine power (> = + 10%).

Maps are available for different motorcycle models, but it is also possible to develop customized maps based on the characteristics and performance required.

The simplest ECUs only control the amount of fuel injected into each cylinder per cycle: the more advanced ones, on the other hand, present in most modern motorcycles, also control the injection time, the variable cam timing, the valve timing, ignition and all the peripherals of the control system. While driving, the controller constantly collects information to be able to control other components.

Sinergie Group deals with the development of maps for the off-road world, maps are available for numerous models of enduro, big enduro and scrambler motorcycles.

Together with the mapping, we can also provide a racing exhaust to further improve performances of your motorcycle.