Digital- IAT – piggyback ECU English version




Our DIGITAL-IAT is currently the only DIGITAL control unit on the market that works with the IAT probe, better known as the Intake Air Temperature Probe.

Some similar control units always work on the same sensor, but given the non-linearity of the NTC resistance of these sensors, they have a big limit that we will now analyze with the following graphs.

The graph above, which was generated with the same mathematics as the control unit, shows the variation of the resistance in Ω of the NTC sensor contained inside the IAT sensor.

The Red line shows the resistance of the NTC of a common IAT installed on a Motorcycle.

The Blue line, on the other hand, indicates the resistance that we should have to indicate a temperature 10 ° C lower to the ECU of the bike, compared to that aspirated by the engine.

The vertical labels show the values ​​in Ω (Blue line minus Red line) that we must add to the original value to indicate to the ECU a 10 ° C lower temperature.

For example if the ambient temperature is 30 ° C, we need to add 2163 Ω. If, on the other hand, the ambient temperature is 5 ° C we must add 7896 Ω.

Already from the first analysis it is clear that if we want to change a temperature constantly, that is to have the ECU correct the Stoichiometric Ratio constantly as the external temperature varies, we cannot work with a fixed resistance or a potentiometer, but we need to an active digital system.

This graph instead shows the behavior of a passive control unit applied to the same bike.

The Red line always shows the same resistance as the NTC in the previous chart. To this we added the resistance of 2163 Ω (Blue line) which reduces the temperature by 10 ° C starting from the intake air temperature of 30 ° C (red box).

It can be clearly seen that as the temperature of the air taken in by the engine varies, the correction that the control unit makes varies from -14 ° C to a temperature of 40 ° C, down to -2 ° C if it drops to a temperature of air sucked in at 5 ° C. At this last temperature, it practically applies an almost non-existent correction.

In more practical terms, passive control units continuously vary the stoichiometric ratio, forcing the motor to work in a non-linear way and therefore the benefits obtained from these control units are not constant and vary as the ambient air temperature varies.

Ultimately, with an analog system if you adjust the control unit to a typical summer temperature, when the bike is at colder temperatures, perhaps even climbing the mountains, the carburation adjustment tends to become lean again, almost completely canceling the effects of the same control unit.

If you adjust the carburation for a colder room temperature, then when the same temperature tends to rise, the carburation becomes much fatter and therefore you can have other problems arising from the excess of injected petrol, which become counterproductive, consume much more fuel than necessary and favor the formation of carbon residues inside the cylinder.

DIGITAL-IAT takes care of making these adjustments automatically based on the ambient temperature in which we are and therefore allows the carburation value set to remain stable regardless of the ambient temperature in which we use our motorcycle



Our additional control unit gives your bike more power, greater torque, excellent pick-up and thrilling acceleration, all for a unique and sensational driving thrill. This is possible thanks to the unused power reserves that the manufacturers leave as a margin.

It can often be seen that identical engines mounted on different models also have different performances.

In most of these cases, both the engine and the hardware of the original ECU are identical, the difference is simply made by the software by adjusting the fuel injection and other parameters differently. Our control unit takes care of modifying the data sent to the original control unit in order to recover these unused power reserves.

This can be achieved without compromising the reliability of the engine, which is in any case protected by the limits imposed by the ECU and therefore by the manufacturer itself.


Our additional control unit despite the increases in torque and power, manages to slightly reduce fuel consumption.

This is possible because by developing more torque at medium and low rpm, it allows a more efficient use of the engine and at a lower average speed of use, as it is possible to anticipate the engagement of the highest gear.

Lower engine revolutions equate to fewer cycles fuel injection. This translates into fuel savings which, in proportion to the kilometers traveled in a year, can save you money.


Our additional control units allow a Plug and Play installation as they are already supplied with the mapping dedicated to your car / motorcycle and with the appropriate standard settings, so you can install and use it without changing any parameters.

This does not exclude that those who want to change the standard settings or activate the different options available, have all the freedom to do it in full autonomy.


Our additional control unit allows installation via dedicated wiring with connectors conforming to the originals, therefore without making any changes to the electrical system of the motorcycle.


In the additional DIGITAL-IAT control unit we have implemented a WARM-UP Timer which, if activated, allows its insertion with a user-definable delay.

This is useful if your engine is not performing optimally in the first few minutes after starting.


The DIGITAL-IAT additional control unit is equipped with a user interface with a button and a Display. This allows us in a very simple way, the modification of all parameters and functions, without the need for connections to other external systems and without the use of any equipment.

With this targeted STAND ALONE concept, it is possible to access the control unit settings at any time or place where we are.


Our additional control units are equipped with a Bluetooth BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) 4.0 system that allows them to interface with the APP for Android (from version 4.3 or higher) and for iPhone (from version 11 or higher).

From the APP it is possible to modify and manage all the parameters of the control unit directly from your Smartphone!


Our additional control units are innovative and with a dynamic programming logic.

They have been designed entirely within our company, both in the hardware and software part and can boast a latest generation HIGH-END processor that works up to a frequency of 64MHz.

These technical features allow our control units to perform all the necessary functions and therefore to interface with the ECU of your car / motorcycle, at a much higher speed even than the real needs of competitive use.